Finding the long tail of distribution

This story about how United Villages is using motorcycles, mobile phones and face to face selling to bring big brands to the smallest villages in Jaipur in Rajasthan, India is a stark reminder that tapping tomorrow’s multi-billion dollar markets isn’t about the latest fave apps at the tech conferences.

On the contrary, it’s about simple things like allowing retailers to keep trading by delivering the goods to them. It’s about local reps that the retailers get to know. It’s about something as straightforward as a product guarantee.

This is the real long tail of distribution – a genuinely untapped maze of villages stretching across India, China, South Asia, Indonesia, the Pacific, in fact a good chunk of the earth.

As the buzz from SXSW swirls online, it’s easy to forget isn’t it that massive numbers of the world’s future brand consumers are only now moving out of the analogue age.


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