What gives you the right to sell a product/service at margin today? It’s easy to assume you have a mandate. Or that you deserve one. But what is your brand doing to earn/retain the mandate it wants/has?

Don’t tell me it’s because you opened. Because presence isn’t enough.

Don’t tell me you worked hard to get here (past tense). Because then you’re relying on your history.

Don’t tell me you’re doing a good job. Because most everyone’s doing a good job.

Ditto service, people, methodologies, products, channels, technologies, systems, processes, efficiencies … for most companies anyway.

Talk perhaps about the scarcity of what you offer, or the richness of the ideas that you encourage, or the loyalty you forge, or the need you are meeting that your competitors don’t, or the insights you’ve developed and applied that are truly valuable, or the excitement you generate, or the journey you’re taking people on, or how you are looking to generate the most wonderful change … Better yet talk about how you’re combining ideas and where that’s taking you.

Actually, don’t tell me at all (unless we’re working for you). Tell yourselves. Every day.


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