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  4. Another good brew – fab stuff Mark, and thanks for the generous mention. I think you and I have talked about David Maister’s Strategy and the fat smoker (where to purchase zithromax) before which seems to capture closely where you come out at. He adds a couple of things that I think are important. Change is about WILL not technique, which goes to your point of motivation, but he also says that motivation needs to be intrinsic. One of the most compelling points is that strategy is the ‘diet’ not the goal, which speaks to the amount of resolution required to achieve change. I think if you add to this thinking a fabulous book called Immunity to Change (Robert Keegan) you begin to get some powerful stuff. Keegan talks about setting ourselves visible commitments (what we want to change) without understanding why we aren’t changing. Why we don’t change is often hidden to us, something he calls ‘hidden competing commitments’ which in turn are based on deeply held big assumptions – things that have been with us most of our lives and form foundations to our thinking. It’s sort of an iceberg of an idea, which if we just deal with the visible aspects will do a Titanic on us. His model allows people, quite simply, to understand what big assumptions are preventing them changing, and then to work from there. Ahh – could talk for every on this stuff – it’s so interesting. Thanks for the post.

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