15 reasons why “no-one else has complained”

1.     They didn’t have time
2.     They couldn’t be bothered
3.     They didn’t want to interact with you a moment longer than they had to
4.     They didn’t know how to complain (because you didn’t make it easy)
5.     They didn’t feel they could talk to you
6.     They didn’t think you could change
7.     They didn’t think you would care
8.     They didn’t think it would make any difference for anyone else
9.     They didn’t think you’d listen
10.  They thought you’d be rude and defensive
11.   They think you’re incompetent
12.   They don’t like you
13.   They never intend coming back
14.   They want you to fail
15.   They’ve already told all their friends to avoid you via social media

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