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  1. Hi Mark, cool article, it was nice to reflect on the themes and challenges involved in finding stories that resonate, inspire and help a brand build it’s audience. Out of interest, do you use a framework for this type of work, or is it more intuitive and building a ‘feeling’ for the brand and the stories that get noticed?

    • Mark Di Somma says

      Hi Bruce – thanks for your feedback. I don’t use a formal framework. I tend to take my guidance from all the elements that influence the brand and the business. However, I can certainly see merit in providing a structure that would help those involved see what they were building.

      • Hi Mark, got you… I always think there’s a tension amongst marketeers between trying to find the creative sweetspot – ala Don Draper’s ‘It’s Toasted’ and the need to get ahead of the exponentially rising complexity that faces marketing functions today… My sense is that as the pace of change increases, the half-life of the creative sweetspot gets smaller and smaller…

  2. “Instead, the creativity of tech – the sector’s ability to reinvent how we connect and what we do with our time – is platforming them as the next generation of storytellers. ” Fantastic observation.

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