About Me

I help senior decision makers and brand owners define and articulate how they move forward at critical moments of change.

Trusted strategist

The thinking that gets a business or a brand to a critical juncture is both that entity’s greatest strength and its most powerful vulnerability. Written into that history are the thought patterns, reactions and behaviours that have defined all that’s happened to this point. But as change rains down on us in today’s shifting and social world, there are vital decisions to be made about what stays and what must be left behind. That’s my space. For more than 20 years I’ve worked with business owners, senior teams and marketers to identify how they set and achieve bold new goals. My strategies are clear, strong, responsive and focused on helping businesses and brands compete from the best position possible.

Cultural change agent

Competitiveness and drive dictate who comes to market to succeed and who comes merely to participate. I focus on helping leaders identify where their people find the energy to give the best to their work, starting with defining ambitions and purpose that really test and challenge what the business believes about itself, and then carrying through into wider and deeper conversations to stimulate and inspire people throughout the business.

Commercial storyteller

As an award-winning commercial writer, I know how to write stories that businesses need to bring their strategies to life both for their external audiences and for their own people. Storytelling might be something of a buzzword at the moment, but the fact remains that it’s the brands and businesses that can shape and tell interesting narratives that have people leaning in for more.  Of course, stories are underpinned by language and I also have deep experience in building the brand language systems that power an unique voice.

If the time has come to reimagine your potential, find out more about working with me.

Thought-provoking commentator

One of my strengths is my ability to bring a range of perspectives to a problem. Partly that’s about having worked across so many sectors over the years and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Partly it’s about being able to cross-apply key learnings. But mostly it’s about continuing to add to and refresh my reference set so that my viewpoints are contemporary but my sources are lateral.

I’ve been writing about the disruptive issues affecting business and brands for a number of years. I was a founding contributor to allaboutbranding.com, working alongside a cadre of writers that included Marc Gobé, Martin Lindstrom, Tom Asacker, Scott Bedbury, Chris Macrae and more. Later I became Editor. Today, I share my thinking on a range of international platforms, as a contributor to Entrepreneur and as an Author at top ranking blog Branding Strategy Insider. If you want my take on something, the best place to start looking is my blog Upheavals.

There’s a more detailed breakdown of what I do here.