About Me

I help senior decision makers and brand owners define, articulate and elevate brand value at critical moments of change. I also speak to senior teams and at events about the key issues facing brands in today’s shifting and social world.

A solid grounding in radio and advertising as a copywriter and then running my own direct marketing company honed my creative skills and motivated me to move into strategy to grapple with the value-adding issues. The combination of creative approaches to problem solving and robust business frameworks continues to drive how I work. It means I’m drawn to structure, I never lose sight of the result and I look for the game-changing opportunities.

If the time has come to reimagine your brand’s potential, find out more about working with me.

I was a founding contributor to the popular brand reference site allaboutbranding.com, working alongside a cadre of writers that leading brand thinkers like the late Marc Gobé, Martin Lindstrom, Tom Asacker, Scott Bedbury, Chris Macrae and more. Later I became Editor.

Today, I share my thinking on a range of platforms, including my blog Upheavals, Branding Strategy Insider and Entrepreneur. And I interview senior marketers and brand strategists through my Virtual Coffee series to get their takes on what it takes to be competitive today.

I also speak about the key issues facing brands in today’s shifting and social world. If you’re looking to find new ways forward, these are the subjects I get asked to speak about most.

There’s a more detailed breakdown of what I do here.