Brand Leadership

The Need To Lead

Brand leaders are shape-shifters. They know you can’t win if you don’t lead.

The most exciting participants in a market pursue a future focused on surprising not just their customers but the whole world around them. They break ground. They step forward to resolve. They’re not afraid to raise a few eyebrows.

There is no formula for how to do this well. But there are plenty of examples that show what happens when brands take the lead, and cautionary tales for the reticent when they don’t. There’s only one place to be in an iterative economy. And that’s at the front.

Stay interesting to stay ahead: in how you plan, through the stories you tell and in what you have to say.

5 Ways I Can Help


I can help you find ways for your brand to break from the pack.


Craft and tell the story that a brand leader like you must tell.


Change how you speak and the language you use as a leader.


Book me to speak on how to win in the iterative economy.


Invest a day in workshopping how to Be extremely competitive.

Work With Mark

“As part of a business planning process we were looking for a strategist and facilitator to challenge our vision and focus. I identified Mark from an article he had written on business branding. The freshness and clarity of his thinking in the article led me to believe he had the energy and ideas to assist us. We were not let down. Mark worked well with our senior leadership team in challenging our approach to the market and our business direction. The team found his energetic approach and the material he introduced to the session very useful. The ultimate recognition of Mark’s work is that we continue to refer to outcomes of those workshops some years after they occurred.”

– Hugh Morrison, Chief Executive, Arrow International

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