Likeable Brands

Likeable Brands Attract

People like to spend time with brands that tell involving stories. When people truly like a brand, that brand enjoys higher levels of trust and reputation, is invited to participate in more opportunities, is more likely to retain business and operates with greater levels of confidence and decisiveness.

Likeable brands are highly engaging. They know that winning market share starts with gaining memory share. The strategy for developing a likeable brand revolves around building and sharing distinctive stories that people remember with fondness and act on with enthusiasm. A similar approach will help brands develop the narratives they need to build or rebuild their reputations. That’s because when you have a likeable brand, you own a brand that people are happy to give the time of day. Literally.

5 Ways I Can Help


Build a more affable brand or win back the hearts of those who liked you once.


Craft and tell a story that people will want to hear more of.


Build a language for your brand that people are attracted to.


Book me to speak at your next conference or event on why Time is the new salt.


Invest a day in workshopping how to Tell your best story.

Work With Mark

“Mark was our featured speaker at our 30th anniversary celebration. He was excellent to work with – his enthusiasm and insight made for a very interesting and energising process leading up to the presentation, and he provided value input into our business over and above the presentation. His keynote on why every story needs a sequel really challenged us to evolve the story we had been telling to better differentiate our place and role in the years ahead. It was an exciting and thoughtful presentation, packed with examples and ideas from other stories and industries, that culminated in Mark presenting where our future story might lie … The perfect way to think about tomorrow whilst celebrating all that we have achieved so far.”

– Michelle Glogau, CEO, Biogro New Zealand

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