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Competitive brands insist on delivering well-margined products that outperform their rivals.

With online retail proliferating and shifting pricing expectations, everyone is under constant pressure to reduce what they charge. But that creates more problems than it answers. It turns consumers into bargain hunters with an insatiable appetite for reducing your profits.

Price reduction does not makes businesses more competitive. Despite sales signs everywhere, you can’t just follow the market down. Businesses that want to change the conversation with their customers over price need to use a combination of story, channel and experience to rediscover and deliver what people really value.

Price wars burn profit. The right value equation is crucial. Find it through astute strategy and clear storytelling.

4 Ways I Can Help


Build a position for your brand that focuses on value and distinction.


Craft and tell a story that matches who you are with what you charge.


Book me to speak at your next conference or event on Avoiding the price war.


Invest a day in workshopping How to be more valuable.

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“Mark assisted us in the opening of our conference by challenging traditional thinking and presenting a thought provoking attitude to customer interaction for the future. We were able to reference this thinking many times throughout the conference and attendees found his style and presentation technique refreshing and engaging.”

– Rob Smith, CEO, PaperPlus Group

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