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A deep sense of purpose is one of the most powerful and focusing emotions that humans can share. By focusing on an idea that is bigger than any one individual and only truly achievable collectively, people can take ownership of a concept that excites them, and share that with others.

The challenge for a leadership group is aiming hundreds of people in the same direction to pursue a purpose they cannot touch and that most, if not all of them, will never see. Successfully projecting an organisation towards such a future requires an inspiring idea; permission; celebration of achievements; and honesty.

Changing why you compete as a brand and as a culture will enable you to make decisions with purpose, on purpose.

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“Mark is much more than a strongly opinionated commentator on the future of brands. He’s a seasoned practioner with the real-world experience to back up his sharply insightful views. When Mark talks purpose, astute brand leaders listen.”

– Hilton Barbour, Marketing Provocateur

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