See things differently

I challenge how brands perceive problems and the ways in which issues get framed. I look at why markets shift their expectations of brands and how those changes can impact your marketing strategy. For me, problem solving is about taking a highly informed yet lateral approach to the key issues you’re facing and addressing those with optimism and positivity.

I speak regularly with groups of all sizes and people in roles ranging from senior leadership through to frontline. My presentations are drawn from my work experiences. So they’re highly practical applications that will springboard change.

Popular topics

These are the subjects I get asked about the most:

Many roads, one goal: The portfolio approach to strategy

Many roads, one goal The biggest myth in strategy is that one big strategy will solve everything. This presentation, based on my most popular blog post, puts paid to the idea that “all in” is the best way to move forward. In point of fact, faced with a major challenge, not only should you develop a portfolio of strategies to get you to your goal but you should be testing and dismissing approaches continually in the market until only the most successful survives. The portfolio approach enables you to leverage the uncertainty that dogs markets these days to your ultimate advantage. This is a presentation for well-managed, well-focused brands that know their purpose and are now looking to rewrite the playbook by bringing greater innovation and entrepreneurship into how they work. Get more details on this presentation on the portfolio approach to strategy.

Go big, go small or go home: The future of brand competitiveness

Go big, go small or go homeThe middle market is dying, starved of profit and unable to pay its way in a world dominated by increasingly radical brand structures. Let me take you through the economics of this burgeoning dichotomy and what it means for brand owners. We’ll look at the five brand types that are competitive today and understand through examples what they’re doing that enables them to succeed. This is a presentation for brand and business decision makers considering which way to leap as they look to evolve their brands for the competitive environments of tomorrow. See what I cover in this keynote presentation on structuring your brands to win.

Lock and lead: How to lift customer engagement through the roof

Engaged customers pay a significant premium for the brands they are loyal to. That’s the good news. The complicating factor is that customers are less and less inclined to engage. So let’s look at the eight critical success factors that decide whether you are a talking point or a turn-off and how these eight factors (story, time, belief, personalisation, payment, channel, dialect and iteration) affect different types of brands in different ways. I’ll then walk you through how you can formulate a brand engagement strategy from start to go and the metrics you can put in place to judge whether you’ve got them locked on and locked in. An involving session for marketers and brand managers wanting to build pride, loyalty and talk-ability at a time when it’s increasingly easy (and dangerous) to be overlooked. Enquire about this presentation

Tell your best story every day: Brand as an adventure sport

Stories are powerful when they are most involving, when they take people with them through a series of encounters that stretch across time and place. Great brand stories are no different. They are the narrative of a brand in search of its purpose. And they need to be told through a range of channels on a daily basis. As with every great adventure, your story must be peppered with changes, developments, encounters and characters that add to what consumers know and keep them wanting to know more. This is a presentation designed to make sure your story is ‘always on’ within a multi-media environment. Together we’ll work through how the different forms of your story, long and short, work together to give your story structure over time, and how episodes and news add energy and action within those sequences. An informative and thought-provoking session for marketers and brand leaders looking to reveal something new everyday. Enquire about this presentation

Difference is dead. Long live difference: Finding the next way to win

The time has come to challenge one of the true sacred cows of marketing. For years, marketers have believed that the secret to great brands and successful communications is the unique selling proposition. Armed with an amazing point of difference, we’ve been told, almost anything is possible. Except it’s not. Because the research clearly shows that consumers can’t tell the vast majority of the brands apart. So differentiation as we have known it has failed. Which begs the question – OK, so now what? In this presentation, I outline where I think the future of brand strategy lies and what the pursuit of that will mean for your brand and your relationships with your customers. Enquire about this presentation

The fall of the wall: Digital’s role in defining the next era of familiarity

Once customers and brands sat on either side of an invisible line that clearly defined their relationship as providers and receivers. No longer. Today social media, the rise of branded ecosystems, big and little data, and an increasing sense of community have fundamentally shifted what brands and buyers know about each other and how they relate. This next era of familiarity will change not just how brands and their customers talk amongst themselves but how brands are managed, problems solved, products developed and brand culture built and maintained. A presentation for brands looking at how best to forge and keep relationships at a time when everyone is more accessible than they have ever been. Enquire about this presentation

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