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I challenge how businesses perceive problems and the ways in which issues get framed. I look at why markets shift their expectations of brands and how those changes can impact your strategies. For me problem solving is about taking an informed yet lateral approach to the key issues you’re facing and addressing those with optimism and positivity.

I look to capture and explain new thinking in ways that make sense to people. The way I see it, strategy must resonate. There must be buy-in. There must be a roadmap that everyone can relate to it and have ownership of. Most importantly, a strong strategy must provide the frameworks leaders need to confidently manage and lead. Find out more about my background

4 ways I can help

Proactive strategy to position you for maximum advantage

No business can afford to stay put. The iterative economy has put paid to that. Now, as decision makers are flooded with data and baffled by convergence, the ways forward are far from clear. Faster and newer are just stop-gaps today. Channels and strategies are easily confused. Bright shiny objects beckon from every corner. I take a results- and revenue-driven approach to strategy, based on your current strengths and the changes you’ll need to make your goals come true. I can help you redefine your place in the market, strengthen your likeability and provide the framework to front-foot it with competitors.

A clear roadmap for brand cultural change

There’s so much talk about changing culture, and most of it seems to be based on telling people they need to stop what they’re doing and start doing something different. But culture of course is about much more than how a place feels. It’s about the behaviours, ideas, habits and attitudes that have shaped how things get done. I look to capture and explain new thinking in ways that make sense to people. The way I see it, there can’t just be instruction, there must be true buy-in. There must be a plan that everyone can relate to and have ownership of and it must lead to a place that people want to go. I can help you re-set your purpose and values to make you collectively more competitive, and work with leaders to build the programme needed to drive an invigorated and committed culture.

Narratives that help you tell the best stories

Conversation drives connection, and never more so than in today’s social marketplaces. It’s not enough though to just fill the world with more content. As more and more brands extend their offerings into portfolios, their storylines are deepening and broadening, forming ‘universes’ that let people get to know the brand in a range of ways. Today, if you want to engage the people who work with you and buy from you, you need to lock them in with long stories that talk about your biggest plans and short stories that deal with what they need to hear, here and now. Not every story is this complex of course, but some could be more intricate and layered than they are. I’ll help you transform what you do into a story and a journey that people want to be part of.

Distinctive language to bolster your identity

You need to be able to articulate what you believe and what you sell in ways that are clear, strong and distinctive. Your verbal language is an important part of that. I can work with your marketing team and your internal resources to define the language you use (and the language you choose not to use) to bring more personality to how you express yourselves.