Work With Me

If you’re looking to bolster your brand’s future or adjust to shifting competitive environments, brand is a powerful lens through which to look at where you should position yourselves for maximum advantage, how you need to lift your game, what inspires your people to commit and how you can tell the best stories.

I look to capture and explain new thinking in ways that make sense to people. The way I see it, strategy must resonate. There must be buy-in. There must be a roadmap that everyone can relate to it and have ownership of. Most importantly, a strong strategy must provide senior marketers with the brand framework they need to confidently manage and lead their own teams and their creative agencies. Find out more about my background

4 ways I can help

If you’re interested in engaging me to work with your brand, here’s how and where I can help:

Proactive brand strategy

Brand strategy, particularly the strategy needed to achieve brand leadership, has underpinned my work for years. If you’re a senior marketer, I understand the pressures you face and the parameters within which you must work. I can help you redefine your brand’s place in the market, strengthen your brand’s likeability and provide the framework for your brand to front-foot it with competitors. Tell me more about what you’re looking for.

Clear storytelling

Tell the story of your products and/or your organisation to your own people and your customers. Through powerful storytelling I’ll help you transform what you do into a story and a journey that people want to be part of. What’s missing from your story now?

Distinctive language

I understand the power of words and the need to articulate what you believe and what you sell in ways that are clear, strong and distinctive. I can work with your marketing team and your internal resources to bring personality to how you express yourselves. Let me talk you through why verbal identity is a critical part of successful brand-building.

Down to earth inspiration and education

If your business is grappling with brand issues, there’s thinking and conversation required to get you from where you are now to wherever you need to be in the years ahead. I can kick-start that with you through a small-group workshop or a presentation to a wider group at your next conference or event