In a world where products are more and more alike and everyone recognises that they must have a story, the brands that will win are not necessarily the best or even the most available – but rather those that are most connective in what they believe, who they involve and what they offer.

In a short keynote at the New Zealand Marketing Summit in Auckland on 17 September, I’ll look at why brands need to adopt a new competitive model and how that approach will redefine not just who you compete against but perhaps even what you compete for.

Keynote speaker &
Chair of the Branding Stream
NZ Marketing Summit
17 September 2015
SkyCity Convention Centre


Strategies to improve brand performance.

The only competitive advantage you’ll ever have is the one you create.

Stategies for


Succeed on your terms

Your business strategy should define how you can most sustainably, competitively and profitably meet the needs of your customers. A great business strategy keeps you on track and your rivals guessing.


Your brands are your workhorses.

Invest for commitment, not just for recognition. Powerful brands extend your ability to make strong margins because they give customers something specific to look for, and brand stories they trust and that interest them.


Closer, stronger, better

Inspire your people to work better together through shared sense of success. Help your teams feel more cohesive and more competitive at the same time as they use their diversities and specialisms to perform effectively.


Talk about what matters.

Being heard is only going to become more difficult. The critical consideration is why you need to be heard and how your storytelling and other content will make your brand more compelling.

Mark at a glance

Broad Sector Knowledge

Strong working knowledge right across B2C, B2B, supply chain and government, so I can zero in on problems quickly.

Lateral Problem Solver

A distinctly lateral approach to problem solving. It helps me probe, analyse and quantify complex, often multi-layered, business problems.

Confident Facilitator

Enjoy interviewing and workshopping, be it one on one or larger groups. I work hard to make these sessions inclusive, stimulating and probing.

Crisis or continuity

I’m happy to work with you on an immediate issue and/or help you plan for the longer term. I’m flexible around how we work together to make that happen.

Ways to work with me


Engage me to work directly with your marketing team or senior decision makers on projects you want to keep within the business.


Choose from a range of tailored workshops exploring strategy, brand, culture and content. Workshops range from half-day to 2 days.


Let me hand-pick a team of specialists to take on a specific challenge for you via my company The Audacity Group.